In Which I Actually Side With Religious Conservatives

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I have had — and will continue to have — a lot of fun mocking religious conservatives who complain endlessly about their values being under attack, simply because (for example) the people at Walmart say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".  They talk about the "secular agenda", as if the ultimate goal of "librels" is to remove God from all discourse.  It’s silly, it’s paranoid, and it’s totally baseless.

But I finally came across something which actually is worthy of an outrage.  Granted, it’s a small fringe thing, but there it is nevertheless:

Group Collects Bibles, Passes Out Porn

A group of atheists at UTSA was asking students to exchange bibles for porn magazines Wednesday, and that has made some religious leaders angry. News 4 WOAI first broke the story at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

At a Wednesday night church service, The Bible is the bond between believers, but on the UTSA campus a group of students were calling scripture, smut.

“We consider The Bible to be a very negative force in the history of the world,” student Ryan Walker said. He is part of a student group calling itself the "Atheist Agenda."

Club members were on campus asking students to exchange religious materials for pornographic magazines like Black Label and Playboy.

C’mon, folks.  Is that necessary?  Atheistic proselytizing is just as annoying and unnecessary as religious proselytizing.  Stop it . . . and get a life.

Here’s the website of the atheist group.