Carnival Of The War On Christmas

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BakeoffThe World O’Crap folks have done a nice run-down of some of the recent commentaries from conservatives who are fighting against the so-called "War on Christmas".  It’s a very funny piece, so read it.  Here’s an excerpt:

And wrapping up our carnival will be Mr. "Somewhere, Baby Jesus Is Weeping Because Everybody Keeps Picking on Me for Defending Christmas" O’Reilly himself, with "Christmas Under Siege From Secular Forces."

Corporate America should get down on its knees and thank God that the baby Jesus was born 2,000 plus years ago.

Like it says in the Bible, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son in order to help corporate America with its fourth quarter profits."

But sadly, corporate America isn’t showing the proper gratitude to Jesus for his gift to consumerism — and Bill isn’t going to stand for it!  Either the various department stores prove to Bill that they are using "Merry Christmas" in their advertising, or he will crush them like the insects they are!

Frankly, the executives who have banished Christmas from their advertising are insane. By doing that, they are offending tens of millions of traditional Americans who respect the Christmas season and want it called exactly what it is — Christmas.


The incredibly dense grinches that run many American companies are so infected with political correctness, so afraid somebody might complain about the word "Christmas" that they throw the baby Jesus out with the bathwater.

King Herod tried that (because he hated Christmas too), and look what happened to him!

Well, humbug. You do that — I’m shopping elsewhere. Three wise men once came bearing gifts to honor a baby who would grow up to bring a great message to the world. If corporate chieftains are not wise enough to honor that message as well, they don’t deserve any Christmas cheer. Simple as that.

Yeah, the book of Matthew tell a beautiful story about an unnamed number of wise men from the East who honored the young child Jesus with merchandising programs designed to capitalize on his birth.  And unless the stores start respecting that, then Bill is going to drive them out of business, just to show that he can.  Simple as that.

UPDATE:  Blogger Cathy Young saw (and transcribed) this exchange on The O’Reilly Factor between His Blowhardness and a guy named Rev. Tim Bumgardner, a pastor in Wellington, Florida, who is fighting to have a nativity scene included in his town’s holiday display (which currently has a Christmas tree and a menorah).   This is how it went down:

Rev. Tim Bumgardner: I think they should put a Nativity scene — be American! Hey, celebrate Christmas — people spend more money! Jesus makes people want to spend money!

O’Reilly: I agree. I’m with you.

There was a time when people used to complain that commercialization was ruining the religious basis behind Christmas.  Now the complaint is that Jesus isn’t allowed to be commercialized enough.   Bizarre times we live in.

Foxwaronxmas1 MORE ON THE "WAR ON CHRISTMAS":  Many bloggers have noted the absurd segment on Fox News this weekend in which a panel responded to the stupid question: "Will there be an economic disaster if the liberals win the War on Christmas"?

The Green Knight, fed up with metaphorical wars, has the right response:

A grown human being should be embarrassed even airing such a ridiculous question in public. The question manages to lie, to smear, to fear-monger, and to make an absolute joke out of political and economic discourse all at the same time. Look at the false premises it’s based on:

* That there is a coherent group called "liberals" all working in concert.
* That none of them celebrates Christmas.
* That none of them wants anyone else to celebrate Christmas.
* That they are actively trying to stop businesses from using the word "Christmas."
* That they are actively trying to stop businesses from having Christmas sales.
* That businesses would ever stop having Christmas sales.
* That people could be forced to stop shopping for Christmas presents.
* That even if this preposterous set of events were to happen there would be no other reason for retailers to hold end-of-the year sales.
* That even if that event were to happen retailers would not immediately invent some other big sale season.

And there are many many others. All of those ludicrous assumptions and more would have to be true before that question even made any sense at all. The fact that the question even got aired for serious consideration means that a significant portion of American political discourse has departed so far from reality and good sense that there may be no bringing it back to sanity.