Another War on Christmas Battle That Never Happened

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From Sadly, No:

I’ve decided to start debunking some of the misleading "War on Christmas" stories posted on WorldNetDaily. It’s a big pain in the ass, but I don’t wanna let MediaMatters do all the work. Let’s start with this one, called "Housing Officials ‘Cancel’ Christmas":

Managers in charge of two federally subsidized housing facilities have told residents in one case they cannot sing Christmas carols, and in another they can’t decorate their own entry doors with religious symbols, according to a religious-liberty law firm.

This is what I love about WorldNetDaily’s so-called "reporting": throughout the entire piece they rely on one source, the Liberty Foundation, for all their information. They never even bother contacting the accused institutions to get their side of the story.

For some actual reporting on this matter, let’s go to WFTV in Florida:

A local man wanted to spread the joy of Christmas at his assisted living facility but was told no. Jay Dyer said he couldn’t believe that the place he has lived for half his life wouldn’t let caroler’s come in for a small party.

OK, that’s significantly different from what WorldNetDaily told us. Instead of banning residents from singing Christmas carols, the assisted living home simply told one resident that he couldn’t bring carolers in during a small party. Now, I’m willing to admit that’s a stupid policy if they indeed were afraid people would get offended by having carolers in the building. But that’s all null and void, because the living facility has reversed the policy and is now allowing carolers to come to the holiday party:

The center Wednesday changed its tune. The carolers can come in, no doubt music to Jay Dyer’s ears.

Channel 9 tried to get a comment from the facility, but did not receive a call back. Meanwhile, Dyer said the original party date of December 3 had passed and he’ll try to organize something for Saturday.

And again, the facility still hasn’t commented publicly on this issue, so we have no idea why they actually made the decision. My guess is that some bureaucrats made an idiotic decision, and quickly reversed it when they realized how stupid it was. Sadly, bureaucrats making dumb decisions does not constitute a war against Christmas.