Woman Sells Herself With House

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I guess this is real.

Deborah is 48 (although you wouldn’t know to look at her) and she has a house in Denver that she wants to sell for $600,000.  To sweeten the deal, she is selling herself with the house.  According to her website:

I had not met that special someone to share this house with. My attempts included dating services, blind dates and connections through friends, but I still had not met the man to build a life with.

Finally I decided to give my best effort towards something whereby that special man could “find me”. eBay offered an opportunity for a “non-binding” transaction, which provides a means to advertise my house (and myself), with neither party being obligated to complete the transaction.

You might be wondering why I have my listing at $600,000.00 plus myself for bid as “priceless”. First, I estimate the value of the house with furnishings at approximately $600,000.00. When I asked my girlfriends their advice on what I (the “bride”) was worth, most responded that I was “priceless”.

Pictures below the fold.

The house:


The perk: