Where The WMDs Went

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Pretty intriguing title, yes?

I thought so when I saw the same title at Powerline

"Oh, boy," I thought.  "We’re going to finally learn where the WMDs went!"

But the Powerline post wasn’t answering.  Instead, it linked to an interview at Frontpagemag.com with one of the former UNSCOM inspectors.  The interview was also provocatively entitled "Where The WMDs Went".

"Oh, boy," I thought (again). "We’re going to finally learn where the WMDs went!"

And right at the start of the interview, comes the money question:

…I’d like to discuss your own knowledge and expertise on this issue in connection to Iraq. You have always held that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Why? Can you discuss some actual finds?

"Oh, boy!"  I cried with unbridled excitement.  "Actual finds!!!  We’re going to finally learn where the WMDs went!!!!"

But, sadly, the answer from the UNSCOM professor was long and convoluted (read it for yourself).  And it contained passages like this:

For instance, the Iraqis would ask in very reasonable tones that questionable documents be set aside until the end of the day, when a discussion would determine what was truly of interest to UNSCOM.  The chief inspector, not wanting to appear like a knuckle-dragging ogre, would agree.  Instead of setting the documents on a table in a stack, the Iraqis would set them side to side, filling the entire table top, and would place the most explosive documents on the edge of the table.  At some point they would flood the room with people, and in the confusion abscond with the revealing documents.   

The question is about where the WMDs went — "actual finds" — and the answer centers around pseudo-psychology focussing on where documents are placed on a table?!?


The discouraging thing is that somewhere out there, there are a bunch of Freepers who will someday say, "Yes we had actual finds of WMDs in Iraq.  I read about it once!"