What The H***?

Ken AshfordGodstuffLeave a Comment

HellsucksYup, the biblethumpers are trying to be cool again, with hip T-shirts for teens that say things like "Gee/Oh/Dee" across the chest, so that when young boys check out young girls’ boobs in the high school hallway, they actually "see" God.  Get it?

The T-shirt pictured at the right (click to enlarge) is one of the stranger offerings.  The T-shirt that says "hellsucks".  And it’s lower case and one word because that makes it, you know, kewl.

But here’s the strange part: If you go to the Christian website that offers the "hellsucks" T-Shirt, they "bleep" out the word "hell".  In other words, the webpage offers a "H*** sucks" T-shirt.  Check it out.

Okay, someone help me with this.  The word "hell" gets censored, but the word "sucks" doesn’t?

I mean, I may not be the greatest Christian, but why is "hell" a dirty word, but "sucks" not?  This isn’t like bleeping out "God" and making it "G*d", because the reason that is done is because one is not supposed to take the Lord’s name in vain (Deuteronomy 5:11).  But I don’t recall the Bible saying anything about the word "hell" being taken in vain.

And isn’t the word "hell" in the Bible? Like, all over the place?  Why, yes it is — 54 times in the King James version.

But the word "sucks"?  Not once.  (If you are curious, the word "suck" appears 18 times, although always with the literal meaning, rather than the slang or derogatory meaning).

Ah, Christian fundamentalists — they say (and don’t say) the darnedest things.