Well, That Backfired!

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Blogs For Bush this morning, about the Washington Post article revealing that the U.S. is keeping detainees in super secret "black sites":

According to Drudge, Republican leaders are going to launch an investigation into the leak:

Sources tell Drudge that early this afternoon House Speaker Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Frist will announce a bicameral investigation into the leak of classified information to the WASHINGTON POST regarding the “black sites” where high value al Qaeda terrorists are being held and interrogated.

Careful, lefties; you’ve asked for this, and now you might just get it. It is good to keep in mind that when you make up a scandal and then using Big Lie tactics push it for all its worth, it might come back to haunt you…and we are a little curious as to just whom leaked this information to the press, as well as leaked other classified information over the past few years.

Another Republican blogger, on the same story, adds:

Drudge claims GOP congressional leaders are going to investigate the leak that resulted in story by The Washington Post’s Dana Priest alleging a network of secret U.S. prisons for holding terrorists around the world.

Sounds like Bush and the GOPers have finally decided to fight back against the "Bush Lied/Kids Died" attack meme of the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media. This could mean a viciously partisan rhetorical and political war the likes of which has not been seen in this country since the pre-Civil War era.

And lastly, from the boys at Powerline:

Now it’s up to the Justice Department to launch a criminal investigation of the leaking CIA official or officials, and perhaps other government employees, as the Post’s story suggested that multiple agencies were involved. It would be a great thing if the steady stream of illegal anti-administration leaks out of the CIA and the State Department could be shut down, and some of the Democrat leakers imprisoned.

"Democratic leakers"?

Um, not so much:

Too funny. Hastert and Frist make a big show of calling for an investigation into a leak allegedly affecting national security — the locations of secret "black site" torture prisons. And then — BOOM!!! Lott just said, Tuesday afternoon, that he thinks it was a GOP Senator who leaked the info to the Washington Post last week. He says the details had been discussed at a GOP Senators-only meeting last week, and that many of those details made it into the WaPo story.

Money quote from Lott; "We can not remain silent. We have met the enemy, and it is us."

All just reported on CNN. We are, folks, witnessing the full-on implosion of the national Republican Party. And not a second too soon.