Time Travel

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Sometimes you see a headline, and you wonder if it is 2005 or 2002.  Here’s one:

Iraqi Minister Defends Torture Facility

If this were 2002, we would be outraged and go to war to stop it.

But it’s 2005, and the government of Iraq is our buddy.  So it’s, you know, okay.

Got that?

Speaking of time travel, here’s an interesting story:

Even after Richard Nixon’s secret war in Cambodia became known, the president persisted in deception. "Publicly, we say one thing," he told aides. "Actually, we do another."


Newly declassified documents from the Nixon years shed light on the Vietnam War, the struggle with the Soviet Union for global influence and a president who tried not to let public and congressional opinion get in his way.

Imagine that.  Well, that was then, this is now, right?  Right?

And this section jumped out at me:

Nixon noted that Americans believed the Cambodian operation was "all but over," even as 14,000 troops were engaged across the border in a hunt for North Vietnamese operating there.

Mmmmm.  Yeah, that couldn’t happen today.