The Problem With The Campaign-Style Strategy

Ken AshfordBush & Co., IraqLeave a Comment

From CNN:

Earlier this week, senior White House officials told CNN they were working on a "campaign-style" strategy to respond to stepped-up Democratic criticism that Bush officials manipulated intelligence in making the case for war, an accusation the administration repeatedly has denied.

The problem with the "campaign-style" strategy is that we’ve seen it before.  It’s the same fraudulent dog-and-pony show that convinced most of America to support the war in the first place!

It’s like returning to a used car salesmen who sold you a lemon two years ago, and listening to him try to convince you of how good your purchase was.  "You bought it from me based on the information I gave you," he says, "So how could I have misled you?"

RELATED:  The Rude Pundit makes a sobering good point which, when sanitized, is basically this: If you think the Republican smear machine was bad when Republicans were riding high, just imagine how ugly it is going to be while the Republicans are riding low.