That’s Me In The Corner, Doing Another Friday iPod Random Ten

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LosingreligionHaven’t done this in a while.

  1. Sledgehammer – Tufts Beelezebubs
  2. Intimacy – The Coors
  3. Losing My Religion (Unplugged) – REM
  4. Brown Rice/Karmapa Chenno – Shadowfax
  5. Respect – Aretha Franklin
  6. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat – The Partridge Family
  7. Mile Marbhaisg (A Thousand Curses) – Capercaillie
  8. Losing My Religion – Tory Amos
  9. La Vie Boheme – Rent (Original Broadway Cast)
  10. Hoedown – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

That’s a pretty ecelectic mix.  Odd that "Losing My Religion" shows up twice, even though I have 2,366 songs on the ol’ pod.  Mmmmm . . . I wonder how "random" iPod’s shuffle feature is.