Plamegate: Most Serious Scandal In Three Decades

Ken AshfordPlamegate3 Comments

Via Atrios, Editor & Publisher takes a look at a recent CBS poll and tells us that the public thinks the Valerie Plame scandal is more important than any scandal in the past 30 years. Here are the numbers:

  • Plamegate: 86% important 12% not important

  • Clinton-Lewinsky: 62% important, 37% not important

  • Whitewater: 49% important, 45% not important

  • Iran-Contra: 81% important, 19% not important

  • Watergate: 78% important, 22% not important

It’s important to note that these survey numbers are contemporaneous with the related scandal.  In other words, this is NOT people looking back on Watergate from today‘s vantage point with 78% saying it was important.  Back then, at the time, 78% said Watergate was important.  Compared with 86% today for Plamegate.