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Well, the Bush campaign-style strategy to respond to criticisms about his Iraqi War intelligence exaggerations, is under way.  Bush just gave a speech.

And according to CNN, he said this:

Speaking at a Veterans Day event in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, Bush said, "it is deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how that war began."

"Rewriting history" is going to be the phrase of the day (and possibly many days), and it doesn’t work to Bush’s benefit.

That was a faux pas.  The history is recent enough to be in every American’s mind.  Words and phrases like "imminent threat", "mushroom cloud", "we know where the WMDs are", "yellowcake from Africa", etc..  To pretend now that these weren’t raised in the pretext of invading Iraq is serious historical revision, Mr. President.  And you’re the one doing it.

Let me this as simply as I can, Mr. President:  Unless and until you (or any of your supporters) can point to a speech during the run-up to the war — from anyone in your administration — in which you revealed CIA doubts about an Iraq-al Qaeda connection, I’m not receptive to your charge that people outside the Administration engaged in revisionism.