No You Can’t Have A Pony Update

Ken AshfordBlogging2 Comments

I’m 90% of the way to the conclusion that I’m not as happy as I could be with the "look" of this blog.  My main problem is the color scheme: white text on black blackground.

First of all — stylistically.  I was sort of going for a "classic black" feel, like a cocktail dress or sports car.  But I think the result tends to swing goth, or even morbid, like a hearse.

Second of all — functionally.  White text on black background is, I think, actually pretty hard on the eyes after a while.  Am I right?  (Hey, I write this stuff — I don’t actually read it).

So, when I get the time (yeah, right!), I might make those changes.  I’ll probably leave other things (like the sidebar content and banner) alone, or tweak them in minor ways.  If anyone has any thoughts on this blog’s appearance, leave a comment or send an email.

Oh, yes.  And I’m going to crackdown on my spellling and grammar.  You know, like proofread every once in a while.