More On The WalMart Christmas Debacle

Ken AshfordGodstuff1 Comment

WalmartI had my fun with the story; Amanda Marcotte has even more fun, including the gem of a closer:

Reaction on Internet messageboards is mixed.

"I am going to walk into Wal-Mart and go tell the manager Merry Christmas and let him or her know I am leaving there empty-handed," writes one poster.

A couple more years of this hysteria and the use of "Merry Christmas" as shorthand for, "I hate you and everything you stand for because you didn’t pass my Christian sniff test, hellbound motherfucker," and people will start actually flinching when they hear the words "Merry Christmas". And that will be a joyous day indeed for the Wingnutteria, when their most feverent hopes that even Christmas is offensive to people was made true by their long efforts towards that goal.

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