Michelle Hurt By Hurtful Thongs

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Michelle Malkin has her knickers in a twist about Plamegate-related material which you can purchase at CafePress.com (an online service which makes custom-made merchandise based on whatever design you give them).

Yes, I agree that thongs bearing the image of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald are a little odd.

But Michelle — being, you know, Michelle — predictably uses such items as evidence that liberals are indeed (as her book suggests) "unhinged".

So I thought I would visit Cafepress myself, and see what merchandise conservatives have generated for sale.

Do conservative goodies demonstrate thought-provoking, humorous, reasonable statements of political satire and wit?  Or do they merely offer mean-spirited, ghoulish, and petulant knick-knacks? 

You be the judge: a small cherry-picked sampling of T-shirts, throw pillows, bumper stickers, and posters, which take up considerable disk space, in a Typepad photo album entitled "Unhinged Right".