Michelle Becoming Unhinged

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Looks like our local radio station asked a question that stuck in Michelle’s craw.   Methinks the lady doth protest too much.  But then again, methinks that protesting too much is the lady’s raison d’etre.

And she’s still whining about the fact that, over six months ago, an anonymous commentator (who could be a 12 year old for all we know) on Kevin Drum’s blog called her the C-word.  She even provides a handy link to a Google search ("michelle malkin cunt") to supposedly show ALL the liberal websites that have called her that name.

Unfortunately for Michelle, her Google search disproves her point.  The FIRST hit (the most popular under Google’s search criteria) is Michelle Malkin’s blog herself.  Apparently, Michelle is the one who is most effective at furthering the "Michelle is a cunt" meme.  Subsequent hits — the ones from liberal blogs — are merely responding to Michelle’s "Look What They Are Calling Me" whines, rather than actually calling Michelle names.  (A typical example of a liberal using the word "cunt" in reference to Malkin can be found in the THIRD google hit — Majikthise’s post entitled "Michelle Malkin Certainly Is NOT A Cunt").

Michelle, honey, this is the no-holds-barred Internet.  It would be nice if everyone who used it engaged in the highest level of civil discourse, but such an expectation is realistic.  Besides, your not exactly one to preach about lack of civility.  Anyway, my point is, if you don’t want your name associated with that perjorative word, perhaps you should take overt steps to link the two together.