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Our dear Kaye Grogan is upset again in "Bah, Humbug . . . Retailers!":

The anti-Christmas groups are gearing up again to oppose the display of nativity scenes in public and the singing of Christmas Carols.

Oh, I guess that’s me she’s refering to.  Um . . . vrrroom, vrooom.

And not to be outdone — there are several retailers who have joined the fight against Christmas, and in the process have become somewhat anomic.

Yes.  Those huge corporate retailers . . . always fighting liberal causes.

Evidently, some retailers in the country must be suffering from Amnesia or taking some really bad advice. I suspect the latter is right on the money.

If not Amnesia, then Blunt Head Trauma.

When will corporate America realize that they are way off base, when they concentrate solely on trying to appease 20 percent of the population — expecting 85 percent to just sit idly by, while they play their little "inclusive" games?

Any math experts out there?  Doesn’t 20 plus 85 equal more than 100 percent?

Many foreigners find it offensive to hear somebody say: "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Ah.  Xenophobia.  Kaye’s handmaiden.

Well, there is an easy solution to that — they can go back to their own country and celebrate whatever they celebrate over there. I am sure they won’t be missed.

"God bless us, everyone native-born Americans," said Tiny Tim.

I would like to see how far Americans would get, if they migrated to other countries and tried to interfere with their traditions.

Over 2,000 dead U.S. soldiers — last time I checked.  Does that answer your question?

This is AMERICA! — not Mexico, China, Japan or the middle east, etc.

End of geography lesson.

If you want to be inclusive then get on the American band wagon and accept our traditions.

That’s right.  The only way to be inclusive is to embrace American values, and not the values of other cutures.

Americans are getting fed up with being treated like sojourners in their own country, and I see an uprising brewing.

And before you know it, we Americans are going to rise up against our immigrant overlords!  The next time I’m in a fancy restaurant, I’m going to get up from my table, march into the kitchen, go up to $2.50-an-hour Pedro behind the industrial dishwasher and shout, "Stop oppressing me, you greasy wetback!!"  That’ll show ’em!

The misguided people who came up with the notion that we must be politically correct, really messed the system up. Besides, it’s hard to be politically correct considering how many unqualified politicians are being sent to Washington.

Yes, sir!  Kaye would like to be tolerant of other views, but the politicians in Washington just won’t let her!!!

There are many Americans, (especially Christians) poised to boycott the anti-Christmas retail stores during the Christmas season. I can’t say I’ll feel sorry for their declining profits, because they put the noose around their own neck.

Big retailers like Wal-Mart and Target, should know by now — it’s suicide to alienate the Christians. And when they summate their after Thanksgiving sales — they will be BAH-HUMBUGS for sure!

Mmmmm.  Here’s something from the Associated Press, Kaye:

The official holiday shopping season appears to have gotten off to a lukewarm start, according to results announced Saturday by a national research group that monitors retail sales. Wal-Mart was one bright spot in the crowd, reporting its sales exceeded expectations.

Wow, Kaye.  You’ve been proved wrong already!   Anything more to say?

Like it or not: Jesus is the Reason for the Season! Without His birth, there would have never been a first Christmas. Every single tradition related to Christmas represents something to do with Christ. Before St. Nicholas became Santa Claus — he was a jolly fellow who went about doing good, giving to the poor and he was considered to be a real saint. The lights on Christmas trees represent Jesus "the light of the world." Wreaths represent Christ’s never ending love. A garland wrapped around a tree represents Mary wrapping her arms around Baby Jesus. Every decoration is symbolic of Christ’s birth.

Except the tree itself, which came from pagen rituals.  And, oh yeah, the date of Christmas, too.

Now you should be able to see why the ACLU, atheists, and agnostics want to eventually abolish the religious symbolism of Christmas and replace it with their anti-religious holidays.

Right.  Because I have a great idea for a new Peanuts TV special: "You’ve Killed A Clergyman, Charlie Brown!!"

In other words: these groups want the majority to be silent, as they dictate to them what they can and can’t do.

And our first point of attack is on the holiest of holy places: Wal-mart!!!

The writing on the wall was easy to read several years ago, as a big X replaced Christ in Christmas on many advertising boards. Usually, most things happen gradually, oftentimes covering up real motives until they make it from the back door to the front. But it was obvious the big X was an attempt to start the ball rolling to eliminate Christ and make Christmas more secular.

Damn!  She’s figured out our plan!  Alright!!  Who squealed?!?

This year I will spend my money purchasing Christmas gifts in retail stores that observe Christmas by the old traditional standards. And to the others all I can say is: Bah — Humbugs!

And away Kaye skulked into the mall, muttering to herself as she went about her Christmas shopping….