Heeeeeeey You Guuuuuuuys!

Ken AshfordPopular Culture1 Comment

ElectriccompanyHow totally incredibly cool is this?

That’s right, it’s The Electric Company on DVD!

One of the best educational children’s shows ever made, and adults will love it, too!  It’s available in this "best of" 4 DVD set.

Sadly, this won’t be filling stockings for Xmas, since the release date is February 7, 2006, but still….

It’ll be nice to check in once again on The Adventures of Fargo North, Decoder (a bumbling detective who solves crimes with word puzzles), Letterman (a Spiderman-like superher0), the wonderful animation ("It’s The Plumber. I’ve Come To Fix The Sink!"), and Easy Reader (a real fly dude played by — who’s that? — Morgan Freeman!?!)

Not to mention, of course, the regular cast, including the Short Circus (the collection of singing, dancing kids), Bill Cosby, and Rita Morena.

And what about Naomi?  We can be sure she’ll be included, too!!