He Wanted To Be Rainbow High

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Bushevita1I guess Bush thought that going to Argentina would be fun, and he would be high flying adored.

But, as it turns out, the descamisados don’t like El Busho too much.  In fact, they revile him more than Americans do:

A recent poll of Latin Americans in business, government, and education in six Latin American nations showed that just 17 percent of Argentinean leaders and 12 percent of leaders in Brazil viewed Bush positively.

Evita1 Not a lot of Buch lovers there:

A crowd of 10,000 protesters chanting “Get out Bush!” swarmed the streets of this Argentine resort Friday, hours before the hemisphere’s leaders sat down to debate free trade, immigration and job creation.

Before dawn, thousands greeted a train bringing the last group of fellow demonstrators from Buenos Aires, including Bolivian presidential hopeful Evo Morales and soccer great Diego Maradona, who donned a T-shirt accusing President Bush of war crimes.

Chanting “Fascist Bush! You are the terrorist!” the protesters hung from the engine and moved up the sides of the train, trying to shake hands with those inside.

Maybe Bush could find job satisifaction in Paraguay.

[What?  Too many Evita references?]