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As silly and stupid as Michelle Malkin can be, the guest bloggers on her blog take great pains to top her obtuseness.

Take Bryan Preston and his post titled "Did Bush Lie?  Google It!"

He urges (many many many times) for readers to google the phrase "Clinton Iraq 1998".  And, for good measure, he throws in a helpful graphic for morons who don’t know what it is like to Google something. 

The tragedy of the situation is that the administration could prove beyond doubt that it didn’t lie its way into war just by promoting a simple Google search. Take a look at this graphic:


Wow.  Thanks for the graphic.  Very instructive.  I guess he wants me to google "Clinton Iraq 1998". 

Or does he?

You can either go to Google and plug in the search string in that graphic, or you can just click on the graphic. Google will take you back in time to 1998, the last time prior to the invasion that the US and Saddam Hussein had a major confrontation.

Yeah, I think he does want me to google "Clinton Iraq 1998".  But how can I be sure?

And the biggest conspiracy theory that the left loves concerns the war, and how Bush LIED us into it.

So Google it. Prove for yourself that he didn’t, and indeed couldn’t have. Tell your wavering friends to Google Clinton Iraq 1998. If you have Bush-hating friends, make them do that search and then watch their world crumble around them.

Yeah, he wants me to google it.

Of course, as Preston promises, you will find many articles in which Clinton and other Democrats suggest that Saddam had designs on developing WMD.

Of course, this fact is not in dispute.  More importantly, it does not have any bearing on whether Bush cherrypicked and exaggerated evidence in the run-up to the war.  Unlike Clinton, the Bush Administration took the position that the threat was "imminent" and "urgent" — so much so that invasion was necessary to the interests of this country.  And invasion NOW.

Out of Preston’s Google results, I wonder how many of them show Clinton saying that.

The answer: zero.

But the thing that amuses me most is Preston’s Google-As-God reverence.  You know, just because Google throws a lot of shit back at you, doesn’t mean it is the last word in the whole Bush exaggeration issue

But if you think so, google the word "failure" and tell me what the most prominent result it.  Go!  Do it now!  Google it!  Do it!  Now!