For Once, I’m Ahead Of The Curve

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Everyone on the right and left seems to be blogging today about something I wrote about twice before (here and here), i.e., the religious right’s opposition to a 100% effective vaccine that prevents cervical cancer, a terrible illness that kills over 10,000 American woman per year.  The reason for the fundamentalist rejection?  They think that this vaccine will cause women to have more sex.

To which I say . . . so?

Anyway, I’m glad that the story is finally getting some well-deserved attention.  I’m even gladder that nearly everyone on the right and the left rejects the religious opposition to the vaccine.  Heck, even the blog Blogs4God thinks the religious right has gone too far:

Folks, I have to agree on this one. This isn’t like handing out condoms to under-aged kids without their parent’s knowledge and/or consent. This is a reasonable preventative measure for an opportunistic killer – specifically the second most common cancer in women worldwide and the leading cause of cancer-related death in women in underdeveloped countries.