Consensus And Majority

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Only days ago, the folks at Redstate said that what the majority believed regarding WMDs supports the argument that Bush never mislead the country:

The Democrats hope that by rewriting the history of how we decided to liberate Iraq they will convince the left wing extremist that they only voted to use force against Iraq because they were not told the truth. The consensus that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction formed in the Clinton administration. The consensus was more than evident in 1998, when President Clinton was threatening to attack Iraq.

In other words, the majority believed something; therefore, it must be true.

Of course, the problem with that appeal-to-majority logic (aside from its obvious fallaciousness) is that it cuts against conservatives, if the majority view now is that Bush lied.

Not to fear.  Redstate has that covered to.  In a flip-flop of logic, they now argue that what the majority of people believe is irrelevant:

On and on and on about the fact that a majority of people believe that Bush misled the country into war. Apparently, this is supposed to be proof that Bush did in fact mislead the country into war.

I don’t really know what to say about this, except that I find this sudden affinity for public perception polls by the defeatists intriguing.

So public perceptions can be used to support a political position, but only when the public perception is pro-Bush.