Catholic Church Making Sense

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Vatican As organized religions go, I like Catholicism.  I mean, if you absolutely need to have silly rituals and stuff in order to worship God, the Catholic Church, it seems, is the way to go.  So many rules and rituals.  Stand, sit, beads, wafers, old men in Rome with funny hats, confession booths — it’s a real hootenanny.

But mostly, I’m digging the Catholic Church because they are, well, reasonable:

A Vatican cardinal said Thursday the faithful should listen to what secular modern science has to offer, warning that religion risks turning into "fundamentalism" if it ignores scientific reason.

Cardinal Paul Poupard, who heads the Pontifical Council for Culture, made the comments at a news conference on a Vatican project to help end the "mutual prejudice" between religion and science that has long bedeviled the Roman Catholic Church and is part of the evolution debate in the United States.

The Vatican project was inspired by Pope John Paul II’s 1992 declaration that the church’s 17th-century denunciation of Galileo was an error resulting from "tragic mutual incomprehension." Galileo was condemned for supporting Nicolaus Copernicus’ discovery that the Earth revolved around the sun; church teaching at the time placed Earth at the center of the universe.