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KarabordenApparently, if I were home watching cable television news, I would be bombarded with the story about an 18 year old named Dave Ludwig, who killed the parents of his 14 year old girlfriend (Kara Borden), after which the two of them went fleeing in Martin Sheen/Sissy Spacek "Natural Born Killers" mode.

Although it is unclear if she went voluntarily.

Anyway, they’ve been caught.

But I noted something at the bottom of the CNN article:

The Borden family had lived in their home for several years, said neighbor Tod Sherman, 47. Mike Borden worked for a printing company, and the children were home-schooled, he said.

Sherman said the family knew the 18-year-old suspect through a home-schooling network.

Homeschooling.  I could have guessed.  Nothing more could screw up a kid.

Stephanie Mannon, 16, said Ludwig and Kara Borden had been seeing each other secretly.

"Their parents didn’t approve of them being together" because of the age difference, she said. "It wasn’t because he was a shady character, because he wasn’t."

Yeah, he wasn’t a shady character at all.  I guess that’s why he had a police mug shot which has been shown nationally over the last 24 hours.

Both Ludwig and Kara Borden maintain Web sites. Hers refers to interests in soccer, art and her Christian faith; his says he enjoys "having soft air gun wars" and claims expertise in "getting in trouble."

"Getting into trouble"?  I should say so.

I would love to look at their websites, but I don’t think anyone has reported them.