The Smoking Gun Of Intelligent Design

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Interesting testimony in the Dover, Pa case, where legal challenges are being made to the Dover School Board’s decision to promote intelligent design in public education.

ID proponents argue, very disingenuously, that intelligent design is NOT creationism dressed up in new clothes.  (More background here).

Here’s proof of the bullshit.  An expert reviewed early drafts of "Of Pandas And People", the intelligent design textbook, and found out that they used to be all about "creationism".  But when the Supreme Court ruled in 1987 (Edwards v. Aguilard) that creationism could not be taught in public schools, what did the authors do?  They merely changed the word "creationism" to "intelligent design".

Here’s the testimony.  In this line of questioning, the expert witness reads from an earlier (i.e., pre-Edwards-v-Aguilard) draft of "Of Pandas And People" (which, at that time, had a different title):


And now, from the post-Edwards-v-Aguliard textbook:


Yup.  Conclusive proof that intelligent design is dressed-up creationism.

Read the entire transcript (pdf format).