Teach Your Children Well

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The following is "Lesson Number Five" from the Creation Museum’s webpage for kids:

Kp_logo"Hi! My name is Matt and this is my sister Laura. We grew up around the Creation Evidence Museum. Our dinosaur friends name is Muncher. This page will teach you about many of the things we have learned about how God created the world. Join us as we explore God’s creation!"

"Hey, Matt. Remember when you said that before Noah’s Flood the weather on the earth was different. That instead of having summer, winter and fall like we do today, the earth had a tropical climate year round."

"Yes, that’s right, Laura."

"Well, I was wondering if there were any other differences between the earth today and the earth before the Flood other than the weather."

Kp_boy_icon_l"Actually, there were quite a few differences. For starters, the continents weren’t in the same places as they are today.  It is believed that at one time South America, southern Africa, Antarctica, India, and Australia all formed one big landmass."

"You mean all those continents were hooked together?"

"Yep. There weren’t any large mountains or volcanoes like the ones that we have on earth today either."

Kp_girl_icon_r"No mountains or volcanoes. How do you know?"

"Well, creation scientists believe that the event that caused mountains and volcanoes to come into existence was the Flood. Remember in Genesis 8:2 where it says ‘The fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were stopped.’"

"Yeah. That’s when it’s talking about the 40 days and nights of rain being over."

"That’s right. Those fountains of the great deep were probably the first volcanoes to erupt on the earth. They shot streams of hot water into the air that helped bring down part of the canopy that was around the earth. The eruptions of the fountains of the great deep along with the rushing waters of the Flood had some pretty big effects on the surface of the earth."

"Like what?"

Kp_boy_icon_l "Well, mountains and canyons for one thing. Mountains were formed when two pieces of land were forced together by the powerful explosions of the fountains of the great deep. As the surface of the earth shifted, the continents were either forced apart or ran into each other. Some moved out into the oceans to form islands, while others ran into each other and formed larger continents with mountain ranges."

"What about the canyons?"

"Evolutionists believe that different canyons, such as the Grand Canyon, were formed over a period of billions of years. Creation scientists believe that canyons were formed when the Floodwaters cut over the surface of the earth to get to the oceans."

Kp_girl_icon_r "Wouldn’t that take a long time though?"

"Evolutionists would like you to believe so. They say it would still take millions of years for something as large as the Grand Canyon to form. But a few years ago a volcano in Washington erupted called Mount Saint Helen. It produced a huge pool of water that cut out a canyon in a matter of days. It didn’t take millions of years at all."

"Wow. I guess the Flood really did have some big effects on the way the earth is today."