Still Cracking Me Up

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CallsenatorsI don’t know how Harriet Miers nomination is going to turn out, but I will certainly miss her blog.  It gets better every day.

Right now, Harriet is launching a logo/slogan contest, urging people to "Call You’re Senators".  (Yes, Harriet tends to confuse "you’re" and "your", "it’s" and "its", and "their" and "they’re").

She’s also agog about her recent instant messaging interview with The New Yorker’s "Talk of the Town" (or "TOTT"):

Talk of the Town: Let’s do word associations: “Constitution”—what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Dallasharriet44: Of the United States!!! Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers. John Hancock, that’s how it got its name!! . . . I’ve been cramming but it’s hard to find time. . . . Can you bring notes to confirmation hearings?

TOTT: We read in the Times a story about your note to G.W.B. in 1997: “Hopefully Jenna and Barbara recognize that their parents are ‘cool’—as do the rest of us.” . . . What was that all about?

Dallasharriet44: George and Laura . . . well, basically they’re really cool but their daughters don’t know it!! I mean, they have figured it out since 2000, but back then they were Too Cool for School and way too cool for mom and dad. You know that age. If you think J&B are party animals, you should hear some of the stories about G&L . . . not from recently, of course.

TOTT: Not being judgmental or anything, just objective, the way all reporters should be, how would you be in a position to define or recognize “cool”?

Dallasharriet44: Well, you don’t know all the sides of Miss Harriet Ellan Miers!!

TOTT: This appeared in a Times editorial: “Ms. Miers’s record is so thin that no one seems to have any idea of what she believes, and she was clearly chosen because of her close ties to the President, not her legal qualifications.” Care to comment?

Dallasharriet44: Well, did the New York Times pick me? Or did the President of the Entire Country, who DOES know all my qualifications?

TOTT: Last question. The Times reported: “White House officials said Mr. Bush formally offered Ms. Miers the job on Sunday night over a dinner of fried shrimp and polenta with Laura Bush at the White House. Scott McClellan, the press secretary, said . . . ‘I don’t think this was something that she expected.’ ” Is that true?

Dallasharriet44: Being Staff Secretary in the White House was an amazing experience. I thought that was going to be my High Light. So I guess I wasn’t wearing a poker face at dinner . . . it was truly the biggest night of my life. . . . I didn’t expect the polenta . . . and I REALLY didn’t expect the Supreme Court Justice nomination!! I knew there would be shrimp tho. . . .

Do I get to see the story early? I PROMISE I won’t blog it.

TOTT: In a word, no.

Dallasharriet44: O.K., then I won’t tell you how I’m going to rule in cases that come before the Court.

TOTT: Bye, Harriet (a.k.a. Ms. Maybe-Our-Next-Female-SC-Justice!).

Dallasharriet44: Well, I have to say, New York gets a bum rap—you’re a good ambassador! Unless you’re “the exception that proves the rule.” Thanks!!! Oh, one thing. TELL YOUR READERS CALL THEIR SENATORS TO SAY VOTE FOR HARRIET!!” I forgot to say that before. O.K. good night.