Red Alert AGAIN?!?

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I’m not the only one who has noticed that Michelle Malkin is fucking scared of everything these days:


The scary bombs at Georgia Tech sound like Coke Bottle Bombs – a prank. You take a two-liter empty plastic Coke bottle and throw a bunch of dry ice into it… Screw on the cap and hide it in a trash barrel. As the dry ice changes from solid to gas, the pressure in the bottle builds to the point that it eventually bursts the bottle, making a loud BANG.

Harmless fun, imo. Not the work of ISLAMOFASCIST TERRORISTS and nothing to be scared of.

This isn’t to say that "bombs" are any joking matter and that in this day and age prank noisemakers are appropriate in public places. They probably aren’t.

Michelle and the wingnut army, however, seem to be intent on turning a non-event into something scary. Simply put, they dig fear and they thrive on the idea that we’re constantly under attack from swarthy freedom-haters.

How many times can Michelle et al ring the alarm before people stop paying attention to them?

From The Liberal Avenger.

Michelle seems to ignore the fact that the objective of terrorism is to spread terror.  Which, ironically, is what Michelle is doing.  She’s clearly a victim of terrorism, as well as an unwitting perpetrator.

Michelle, get a grip.