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Lot of buzz and reaction to Judy Miller and the fact that the name "Valerie Flame" appears in her handwritten notes for a date in which she had a conversation with Scooter Libby.

Most of the invective against Miller is centered around the inescapable fact that she was merely a White House secretary, rather than being an independent reporter.  Well, no duh.

But I’m not going to dwell on this.  Kevin Drum has three interesting posts on the subject. 

In one post he reminds of John Bolton’s man Fred Fleitz as a very probable background player in the drama. And he rightly points to the significance of Miller’s having been told by someone — just who is almost a secondary matter — the name ‘Plame’ rather than simply told that Joe Wilson’s wife worked as a clandestine operative at CIA.

In the second he doubts the now-popular notion that Miller’s attorney Bob Bennett hoodwinked Fitzgerald by getting him to agree to limit his questions to her conversations with Libby.

This last one explains why Miller’s claim not to remember who identified Wilson’s wife as "Plame" is obviously false.

So you can read him, or many others.  I’m staying clear for the time.  Especially since the scuttlebutt is that indictments may be handed down as early as Wednesday.  So speculation about who will be indicted (Rove and Libby?) will finally end.