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This is ookey:

(KRT) – Harriet Miers, President Bush’s nominee for the Supreme Court, quickly developed a deep and almost gushing admiration for her boss from her earliest days in Texas government.

"You are the best governor ever – deserving of great respect!" she wrote in 1997, in a belated birthday note that was typical of the tone she used in her correspondence with then-Gov. Bush.


Bush responded to her birthday wish in kind, and included a humorous, if baffling, postscript.

"I appreciate your friendship and candor. Never hold back your sage advice," he wrote. "P.S. No more public scatology." Whether Bush was referring to Miers’ rough-and-tumble time as chairwoman of the Texas Lottery Commission or something else isn’t clear.


Indeed, Miers oozes with deference and awe in her letters to Bush. In a 1995 note, she thanked Bush for a visit and called a ride in a plane with him "Cool!" When she wrote Bush a thank-you note for meeting with a lottery job applicant in 1997, she wrote, "You are the best!"

Likewise, in a 1996 letter thanking Bush and his wife, Laura, for serving as chairs of a Dallas luncheon honoring Miers, the future Supreme Court nominee spoke of a little girl who’d raved about getting Bush’s autograph.

"I truly believe if the governor told her she should be an Astronaut, she would do her best to become one," Miers wrote. "I was struck by the tremendous impact you have on the children whose lives you touch."

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Sooo, if people have any questions about my Conservative Credentials, there’s your answer, I have stood by George W. Bush through thick and thin, that’s the true test of a Conservative. Plus as it says I won the Jurisprudence Award!! Glad thats finally getting some attention in the MSM!!!

Too bad the vote in the Senate isn’t TODAY, it would be a Referendum on the President, the BEST AND MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY!!!!

Oops I’m late for work gotta GO!!!! SO MUCH GOING ON but I’m on top of the world today!!