Oh, Yeah. Democrats.

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The Hill is reporting that the Democratic Party is working on a slogan for the 2006 midterm elections.  They reportedly have it narrowed down to two: "Together, We Can Do Better" or "Together, America Can Do Better".

I kind of like the "do better" strategy, although I think it will cause many to think, "Well, a duck could do better".

But given the two choices, the first one is preferable.  "We" is ambiguous enough to mean "we" as in "America" OR "we" as in "Democrats".  Let the listener decide.

Wonkette imagines some of the rejected slogans:

The Hill reports that "The message project considered ‘dozens’ of potential slogans," before settling on the "do better" strategy. Rejected slogans included, we hear, "You Could Do Worse," "It’s Not Like There’s a Third Party," and "Sorry About that Kerry Thing."