Mano a Mano 2.0?

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Perhaps you once read about the time Dubya had a little scrape with his Dad:

There was at least one incident that his parents witnessed. When he was 26, he returned home inebriated one night to his parents’ home in Washington – with his then-teenage brother Marvin in tow – and plowed his car into a neighbor’s garbage can, dragging it down the street. When his father asked to see him, George W. challenged him to go "mano a mano" outside. The senior Bush promptly got his son a job at a social service program in Houston, helping underprivileged kids.

"My dad was not happy," recalled his sister, Dorothy Bush Koch, who witnessed the episode. "My dad did not think that was attractive or funny or nice."

Well, one wonders if Dubya and the senior Bush might come to blows again.  Looks like the latest issue of The New Yorker is going to focus on Brent Scowcroft (NSA Chief of the Bush 41 Administration) and his harsh criticisms of the present administration.  Ouch.

But there’s more, according to this source.  The criticial article will also contain:

some incredibly juicy commentary from President George H.W. Bush on the performance of his son’s national security team.

Ouch again.  Poor Daddy Bush may be taking little George to the woodshed.