Malkin Dislikes Round Numbers

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Michelle Malkin, in her Townhall column, asks:

The anti-war Left couldn’t wait for the death of the 2,000th soldier in Iraq. Peace activists have been gearing up for protests, vigils, and other events this week to mark the completely bogus milestone. Why 2,000? Was the 2nd or 555th or 1,678th death not as worth mourning as any other death with nice round numbers?

Of course not, Moonbat.  All the deaths are tragic.  They were tragic when Ted Koppel tried to read them on Nightline, and your ilk got all flustered. 

But 2,000, being a round number, is a milestone, and serves as a time to reflect.

Let’s not be faux stupid.  When people hit their 40th birthday, it’s a big deal (whether they admit it or not), although that particular day only means that they are one day older than the previous day.  Round numbers, as well as anniversaries that come in ten’s and five’s — we remember these things as significant points.  And so do you, Michelle:

  • Remember The Cole – Michelle’s post about the fifth year anniversary of the bombing of the Cole.  Where was the four year anniversary post, Michelle?  You were blogging then, yet you failed to mention it at all.
  • Oklahoma City: Ten Years Later:  Michelle’s post marking the ten year anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing.  What is her obsession with round numbers?
  • This Day In History: Michelle notes all her fellow bloggers who are writing about the sixtieth anniversary of Iwo Jima.  What’s so special about 60?  What about 59?
  • Blogiversary Celebrations:  Michelle notes the passing of her half-year of blogging.  Nothing was mentioned on the 7th month, 8th month, 9th month, etc. "blogiversary". (she blogs again at her one year mark in "A Year In The Life Of A Blog")

So, Michelle, please don’t pretend that certain events and numbers never act as milestones.  They do.  They trigger retrospection.  To suggest otherwise is an insult to my intelligence, and a demonstration of your lack of it.

UPDATE:  What The Rude Pundit says.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Malkin is now decrying for a "How Many More"-type ad.  She says MoveOn is "exploiting the dead". 


If I could corner her in a room for just one second, I would like to ask her to distinguish between what MoveOn does, versus what she does on a daily basis with the 9/11 dead. 

Except if I had her "in a room for just one second", my time would be better spent kicking her in the crotch (oh, yes, people — she’s got ’em), so I probably wouldn’t have time to even pose my question.