Jonah Goldberg Rewrites History

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Conservative NRO writer Jonah Goldberg doesn’t like Miers, but he’s resigned to it for the time being:

When the nomination was first announced, I hurled myself onto my computer keyboard like the Phantom of the Opera to bang out an evil melody about the president’s folly, Miers’s lack of qualifications, and my abiding love for constitutional niceties and nuance.

Even now, ice pack on my brow, I remain convinced Miers was a very, very bad pick. . . .

Nonetheless. Now that my fever’s subsiding, I don’t care so much. No criticism remains unspoken, no gripe unexpressed. The hearings will reveal what they’ll reveal.

And then he writes something completely stupid, indicating that maybe his fever hasn’t subsided all that much:

There’s much panic and wishful thinking about what all this means for the Right in America. Howard Fineman of Newsweek declares that the conservative movement is "falling apart at the seams." This, too, is delirium. Such spats come with being a majority party. Recall that another president made a vastly more divisive Supreme Court play once. FDR tried to pack the Court with a whole herd of cronies. His party went batty. Insults were hurled in all directions. The scheme ended in a humiliating loss for FDR. And yet: The Democrats were reelected three more times.

A "humiliating loss for FDR"?  Well, yeah, he died in office after being re-elected three times.  I guess that counts as a "humiliating loss" in wingnut world.