I Wish I Said That

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This item relating to the 2,000 death in Iraq is soooo two days ago*, but it just came across my radar now.

I’m speaking of blogwatcher Peter Daou, who critized Michelle Malkin, Little Green Footballs and others for describing the left’s anti-war "vigils" as "parties":

"I find this rash of posts suggesting that anti-war activists ‘celebrate’ the deaths of American soldiers to be both tragic and telling. Tragic, because it represents a descent into depraved, gutter-level slander as a form of argumentation, and it is a profoundly un-American approach to a most American of activities: dissent. Telling, because it means these bloggers have nothing left to justify the deaths of Americans in Iraq but desperate and transparent attacks on those who want our troops home.


Bottom line: If Malkin, LGF, and Blackfive think opponents of the Iraq war are "celebrating" the deaths of American troops, let them answer the basic paradox of their position, namely, how is it that wanting our troops NOT to die is worse than wanting them to remain in the line of fire?"

Good stuff.

* Two days later, the American death toll is now 2,006.