Help Me Find Jesus

Ken AshfordGodstuff3 Comments

JesustreeAccording to this article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, this tree (pictured at the right) has an image of Jesus.  Jesus napping, I guess.

Because that’s where Jesus likes to sleep, I guess.  On a silver maple tree growing on the front lawn of a clothing factory located at 1155 N. Clinton Ave. in Rochester New York.

Anyway, it’s all the buzz in Rochester.

Some believe the "Jesus tree" is a divine sign.  A divine sign that, um, Jesus likes Rochester.  Or clothing.  Or factories.  Or something.

The thing is: I’ve looked at this picture for a long time, and I see lots of things.  Like a lizard.  Like Rocky Balboa after a bout with Apollo Creed. 

But where’s Jesus?  Help me find him.  ‘Cause I don’t see him.

P.S.  This is not a contest.  No prizes are being awarded.