Democratic Ideas – No. 1

Ken AshfordDemocratsLeave a Comment

The meme emerging from the right nowadays is "Well, yeah.  Okay.  Bush kinda sucks, but the Democrats don’t have any ideas, so why are they any better?"

I am tired of hearing this, so . . . for the next several days, I will present Democratic ideas.  Agree with them or disagree with them, but don’t say they don’t exist.  Today’s installment follows.

Standing With Our Troops. Democrats believe that putting America‚Äôs security first means standing up for our troops and their families.  Democrats will work to increase our military end strength by up to 40,000 by 2007.  We will create a Guard and Reserve Bill of Rights to protect and promote the interests of our dedicated citizen soldiers.  Democrats will also fight for the families of those who serve our country.  This includes providing income security and immediate access to affordable health care.