Bush Polls, State By State

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The SUSA poll is out.

50 states of Bush numbers. The highlights?

  • Bush is above 50 percent in only six states — Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Utah, at 61/36, is the only state above 60 percent. In May, Bush was above 50 percent in  13 states. In September, it was 10 states.

  • 25 states are below 40 percent. Rhode Island, Vermont, and Massachusetts are all under 30 percent. Bush is 29/70 in Rhode Island.

  • Overall, Bush is at 38/59.

    From the SUSA press release:

    In just the past 30 days, Bush’s Net Job Approval has fallen by 10 points or more in:

    Texas                      From Plus 7 to Minus 12, a 19-point drop
    South Carolina      From Minus 4 to Minus 18, a 14-point drop
    Mississippi           From Plus 12 to Zero, a 12-point drop
    Tennessee             From Minus 5 to Minus 17, a 12-point drop
    Michigan               From Minus 21 to Minus 32, a 12-point drop
    Illinois                    From Minus 23 to Minus 34, an 11-point drop
    North Carolina      From Minus 5 to Minus 15, a 10-point drop

    In key Swing States, Bush’s support is eroding among Regular Church Goers. See for example the trendlines in:

    New Mexico

  • Wow.  I guess Bush really is a unify-er.