Antici-pa-yay-tion Is Making Me Wait

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Plamegate Prosecutor Fitzgerald gets more office space.  Doesn’t look like he’s planning on going anywhere soon.  (LATE AFTERNOON UPDATE:  Oops.  The office space story appears to be false.)

The AP reports there will be no announcements today.

Over at TPMCafe, Paul Begala speculates on "What It’s Like" in this White House under seige (having served with Clinton during L’Affaire Lewinsky).  Noting that Bush’s A-Team have all made steady exits (just like the cast of "The West Wing" in Season Six), leaving the Prez with C-level staffers, Begala adds:

And so they wait.  And they sniff the royal throne.  They tell the Beloved Leader he’s the victim of a partisan plot (although how the Bush CIA, which referred the Plame case for prosecution, became ground zero of Democratic liberalism escapes me).  They assure him all is well.  But all is not well.  People are looking over their shoulders.  The smart ones have stopped taking notes in meetings.  The very smart ones have stopped using email for all but the most pedestrian communications.  And the smartest ones have already obtained outside counsel.   

When a White House is under siege, no one wants to talk to anyone.  Literally, anything you say can and will be used against you.  When you’re in a meeting and you see one of your colleagues taking notes, you start to wonder how long it will be before you’re interrogated based on her notes.  Maybe she’s doodling.  Or maybe she’s digging your grave.  The mind tries to focus on the task at hand, but the grand jury is never far from your thoughts.   

Compared to these folks, I had it easy.  I’d never met Monica Lewinsky, had no knowledge of the affair, which took place when I was living in Austin, and I knew that neither I nor any of my colleagues were in Ken Starr’s perverse crosshairs.  The Fitzgerald investigation is very different.  It’s not about the President’s extracurricular activities.  It’s about the essence of how the White House works – and the suggestion that this White House has become deeply corrupt. 

Read the whole thing.