Yes, We Can Blame Global Warming

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3hurricanes_1Yesterday, I blogged about this stupid quote from Jonah Goldberg:

If global warming explained the current spate of big hurricanes, there would be more in the South Pacific and elsewhere. It’s my understanding there haven’t been.

Jonah’s "understanding" notwithstanding, there’s always this, from the latest issue of Science:

We conclude that global data indicate a 30-year trend toward more frequent and intense hurricanes, corroborated by the results of the recent regional assessment. This trend is not inconsistent with recent climate model simulations that a doubling of CO2 may increase the frequency of the most intense cyclones, although attribution of the 30-year trends to global warming would require a longer global data record and, especially, a deeper understanding of the role of hurricanes in the general circulation of the atmosphere and ocean, even in the present climate state.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE:  Or, if you eschew scientific mumbo-jumbo, there’s this:

Around the world, powerful hurricanes – rated Category 4 or 5 – have become more frequent compared with 30 years ago. Coastal communities can expect more of the same, researchers say, for a variety of reasons that may eventually include global warming.

Two studies by researchers in the past two months, using slightly different approaches, have reported a noticeable increase in storm strength and in the share of strong storms a season experiences.