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Phone_jail_300 Tired of being caught up in a big company’s automated recorded voicemail (also known as "voice-jail")?  Want to speak to an actual human being?

If so, then check out this online database.  It shows you the phone "shortcut" so you don’t have to listen to all of the ridiculous menu options.  Some examples:

Astoria Federal Savings — 800-ASTORIA — When you hear the womans voice press zero. Will transfer right away to a human.

Bank of America — 800-900-9000 — Hit zero twice, after menu choices play

Bank One — 877-226-5663 — Press 0 thru the options to get a live person

Chase — 800-CHASE24 — Hit five, pause, then hit one, four, star, zero

CIBC — 800-465-2422 — Enter card# and pin, then press 0

CitiBank — 800-374-9700 — Zero