The Majority Speaks

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I have little to say about this, other than to point out that it happened. 

Recall, if you will, that social conservatives were upset because the Massachusetts judicary ruled that it is discriminatory and unconstitutional not to recognize same-sex marraige. 

Recall, if you will, that social conservatives thought that the judicary was legislating from the bench, usurping the will and authority of the Massachusetts legislature.

Well, the Massachsetts citzens, through their duly elected representatives, have now spoken:

In a sign that the legalization of same-sex marriage has changed the political landscape in Massachusetts, the legislature soundly defeated a proposed constitutional amendment on Wednesday to ban gay marriage and create civil unions, an amendment that lawmakers gave preliminary approval to in a raucous constitutional convention last year.

Wednesday’s 157-to-39 vote by a joint session of the House and Senate partly reflected the fact that some legislators now consider same-sex marriage more politically acceptable, after a largely conflict-free year in which some 6,600 same-sex couples got married and lawmakers who supported it got re-elected.

So there you have it.  Massachusetts believes in equal treatment for gays.