Kaye Grogan And Katrina

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We knew Kaye wouldn’t disappoint us when she got around to writing about Katrina.

As the convoys of the U.S. National Guard arrived in New Orleans, their first priority was to try and restore civility, law and order, before they could begin to perform their rescue operations in a timely manner.

If the convoys wanted to do anything in a timely manner, perhaps they should have been there a bit earlier, yes?

It was soon obvious that the levees breach was not the only thing in New Orleans that was broken. Amid the looting, rapes, and murders going on in New Orleans as it turned out, Hurricane Katrina brought to the surface more than just a city destroyed in her wake…

The teaching of evolution?  Same sex marriages?

— it brought to surface how disorganized the local government is and how unprepared they were to handle a natural disaster…

I thought we were talking about the U.S. National Guard.

— much less the worst disaster in history.

Mmmmm.  Well, Katrina was pretty bad, but I think there have been far worse disasters throughout all of recorded time.  For example, I seem to remember reading something recently about a tsunami….

And it also brought to the surface how morally corrupt New Orleans is.

Because prior to Katrina, Kaye thought New Orleans was like Branson, Missouri, only with more humidity.

Somebody needs to inform Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that President Bush has no control over the weather.

I nominate Clay Aiken.  (Sorry, I know my suggestion comes out of left field, but so does Kaye’s stream of thought).

Hurricanes have been in existence long before any of us have.

Thanks for clearing that up.  I wasn’t sure.

It doesn’t matter how many cloud seeds are sown by scientists — they are not going to resolve or stop the forces behind weather patterns. These people are intelligent enough to know this — many are just using this opportunity to toss the political football anywhere it will do the most damage.

But not Kaye.  She would never use Katrina as a launching point to complain about societal ills.

But I bet, if you asked kindergartners who controls the weather — most would probably say God does. I doubt a single one would say President Bush.

Yeah, um . . . I don’t think anyone is suggesting that President Bush was incompetent because he failed to stop a hurricane, Kaye.  But it’s nice to know that kindergartners will back you up when you need them to.

To even suggest that President Bush and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour are responsible for Hurricane Katrina — shows just how far-out some of the radicals on the left have become.

Kaye, honey.  Sit down.  The criticism is that President Bush (among others) bear some responsibility for the lack of preparation and response to Katrina.  That’s not the same thing.

And what is worse: is how many people are actually influenced by this type of propaganda and will believe it. If a leader of an occult can convince hundreds of people that if they get ready to lie in state in their best clothes, and then swallow cyanide, a rocket ship is going to arrive to take them to heaven, well — some people can be convinced of anything.

WMDs in Iraq, for example.

And this is the type of people who can be led around by the nose by propagandists.

This is?

I find it amazing how sanctimonious finger-pointers get when a disaster hits America. They are quick to judge, but how many of them have pushed up their shirt sleeves and made an attempt to go and see first hand the devastation in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama? Very few I dare say.

In other words, if you weren’t drowning or starving last week, shut the hell up and trust The Leader.

If the leftists are ever going to convince people that they are capable of ever making rash decisions again politically, they are going to have to ditch the ridiculous "unbelievable" accusations against President Bush and find a viable platform to run on.

We have.  "Unbelieveable" as it seems, we "leftists" think that people in "charge" of Homeland Security should ensure that "there" is some "security" of "the" homeland. 

That means that when the government is repeatedly told that the levees around New Orleans are a security risk, the government responds in some way other than cutting funding for repairs and improvement.

Did it ever occur to people that the way they are living is bringing God’s wrath upon the world? It’s not like they haven’t been warned of the very things going on today, forecast in the Bible thousands of years ago.

The flooding of New Orleans was God’s will.  Therefore, we should shut up and take our medicine.

In Matthew 24: 7, it reads: And there shall be great pestilence, and earthquakes in various places. Pestilence is great famines and strange diseases.

Thanks.  I would have had to look that one up in the dictionary.

So, no one can argue the fact these predictions are happening one by one. The Bible teaches before the end of the world — natural disasters will be prevalent, and the preceding one will be more violent than the last.

But as I said, Katrina (bad as it was) was not nearly as bad as the Asian tsunami last December.  So is God reading the Bible from back to front?

Before the world ended in the days of Noah — people were living immorally, and eventually paid the price. Yes, many people have always lived immorally, but the difference today: immoral behavior is being accepted and tolerated more than ever, especially by many churches.

And God is punishing those churches by inundating New Orleans.  That’ll show ’em!

Nobody believed the ridiculous notion that a flood was going to destroy every living thing — and a lot of people still ignore the prophecy in the Bible today. So, they will find out just like the people in the days of Noah — the truth the hard way. There is no way America is going to escape judgement — especially when this country was founded on God. Too many have turned their backs on God for a day of reckoning not to be in the near future.

The day of reckoning won’t be in the near future?  Shit!  I had my heart set on hanging with Kirk Cameron.

This country is too greedy with their minds focused too much on money. Many states are now depending on gambling casinos to keep them wealthy. Was it just coincidental that most of the bars and casinos were leveled to the ground by Katrina?

Was it just coincidental that many hospitals and schools and children’s homes and puppy dogs and kitty cats also suffered in Katrina’s devestation?  I THINK NOT!

Will the revenue generated from the bars and casinos be enough to keep the hurricane torn areas operating above the red mark after the damage is tallied up caused by Katrina?

Hell, no!  Therefore, they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

The crime rate is soaring — especially crimes against children.

And that’s why God killed so many children in New Orleans.

This alone is enough to anger God to the point of retaliation. God doesn’t have to keep putting up with mankind’s disobedience.

Yeah.  He’s one pissed-off deity.

There is plenty of blame to go around in how the basic survival necessities were carried out (or not carried out) particularly in New Orleans.

But Kaye chooses to blame liberals, bars, and casinos.  Because unlike FEMA, it’s their responsibility.

First of all, it would have to be the citizens fault who didn’t take heed and evacuate when alerted Hurricane Katrina was really going to wreak havoc when it hit land. (The warning of the approaching hurricane gave the citizens ample time to evacuate.)

But if it is God’s will, then why flee from it?  Won’t that piss off God even more?

Next, is the local government who was lax and not really prepared for the worst possible destructive force once the hurricane hit. Louisiana officials have known for decades the levees were not adequate to sustain or protect New Orleans above a category three hurricane, so I guess this was President Bush’s fault too…

The penny drops.

…even though he was not even in the picture when the city had the levees built.

Well, neither was Hurricane Katrina for that matter.

And finally, who in their right mind builds a city seven feet below sea level?

Self-righteous Christians.  (Yes, they founded New Orleans).

As President Bush gets slapped around in the media by the likes of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu (who literally has threatened to punch him) — maybe they should remember: It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

Right.  Punching Bush will incur the wrath of Mother Nature.  Or is "Mother Nature" some cute nickname for Barbara Bush?