Katrina Aid Package

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Congress passed a $51 billion Katrina aid package today.

Eleven (!!) voted against it. 

Take a guess: Were they (a) members of the "culture of life" Republican party, or (b) Democrats?

The answer is (a).  It’s too bad everyone in the Gulf region isn’t named Terri Schiavo — then the conservatives dissenters might have been on board.

Here’s the roll call of the eleven m-f’ers who voted AGAINST Katrina aid:

Rep. Joe Barton – TX

Jeff Flake – AZ

Virginia Foxx – NC

Scott Garrett – NJ

John Hostettler – IN

Steve King – IA

Butch Otter – ID

Ron Paul – TX

James Sensenbrenner – WI

Tom Tancredo – CO

Lynn Westmoreland – GA