Indifference Foretold

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Remember way back when how republicans got all bent out of shape when a story (later shown to be false) circulated that President Bill Clinton had tied up air traffic because he was getting a five-dollar haircut on an airplane sitting on a runway?

I wonder where the outrage is about this:

Oh the blessed irony.  Last Tuesday, the 30th???  You know, the day all the papers looked like this???  President Bush was in San Diego at the Naval Medical Center, with the intention of the visit to thank medics who aided tsunami victims in Southeast Asia.  Well, not only was he busily ignoring the needs of the people in New Orleans; his little photo op in San Diego was also preventing patients there from receiving the medical care they need.

The Naval Medical Center in San Diego’s Balboa Park was shut down to accommodate a visit by President George W. Bush Aug. 30, RAW STORY has learned, forcing patients to cancel chemotherapy treatments and hundreds of scheduled patient visits.


"I think it’s disgusting. People who are getting chemotherapy or radiation are on a very set schedule. They are not supposed to miss a session or put it off by even a day, because it’s based on the life cycle of a cancer cell," the volunteer said, adding that some patients had waited weeks for appointments. "Some had to postpone for quite a while, because the radiation and chemo rooms were full on other days," she added. "They closed everything down just so he [Bush] could have his photo op in the lobby with the corpsmen."

Compassionate conservative?  Don’t make me laugh.