God Sending Us Another Vague Message

Ken AshfordDisastersLeave a Comment

Weather_ritaOkay.  So according to some wingnuts, God sent Katrina to destroy that city of sin, New Orleans.  Because God hates women showing their tits.  Or gays.  Or jazz.  Or the Napoleonic Code.  Or streetcars named "Desire".  Or something like that.

So the question du jour is, what is God trying to say with regard to Rita, the Category 4 hurricane bearing down on Bush’s home state?

Just wondering….

I long for the good old days went God talked to the people of Earth by, you know, talking to them in a booming voice from the heavens.  With some noted exceptions (burning bushes, rain of locusts, etc.), God was pretty clear about what He wanted to say to us.

And He even sent his son down here as a messenger, which was rather nice, I thought.  That way, He could speak to us face-to-face about how we should be nice to each other and stuff.  Sadly, many of us didn’t listen, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Now, it seems that God has become a cosmic Will Shortz, sending us cryptic messages through the weather, and ambiguous images of the Virgin Mary on taco shells.  C’mon, God.  Enough with the games.  You got something to say, just say it!

SECOND THOUGHTS:  I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but if God only communicates through cryptic messages and vague "hints", doesn’t this prove that God is a woman?  I’m just saying’….