“Go Fuck Yourself Mr. Cheney” — The Rest Of The Story

Ken AshfordBush & Co., Disasters1 Comment

MarblemugRemember the Mississippi local who shouted "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney" while Cheney was being interviewed on CNN?

His name is Ben Marble.  Doctor Ben Marble.  He’s an emergency room MD who plays in alternative rock bands.  His house in Gulfport, MS was destroyed by Katrina.  He was visiting it on September 8 when he learned that Cheney was down the street doing a photo-op thing.  So he and a freind grabbed a video camera and a still camera, and decided to check it out.

After delivering the message to Cheney (heh!), he returned to his former home to salvage a few things.  That’s when the military police with M-16s showed up.  They cuffed him, detained him for 20 minutes, and then let him go (after all, he did nothing illegal).

You can read his story here.

You can also visit his latest website, www.hurricanekatrinasucks.com.

And (how cool is this?), to raise money to rebuild his life, he is auctioning his video of the Cheney encounter on eBay.  As of this writing, the selling price is $2,036.00.