Friday’s Random “Titles I Made Up For The Paintings They Just Hung On My Floor At Work”

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  1. "A House, And It’s Snowing"
  2. "Autumn"
  3. "Country Boy Standing In A Swamp For Some Reason"
  4. "A Bunch Of Seashells In Front Of A Couple Of Windows"
  5. "Strange Lady (Badly In Need Of A Hairdresser) On Her Porch"
  6. "Another House – Gee, That’s Original"
  7. "Abandoned Boats"
  8. "A French Fop, A Lady From the Folies Bergere, And Spilled Paint"
  9. "Poster From What Was Probably A Really Bad 1980 Art Exposition"
  10. "Shit And Mud Collage #4"
  11. "Yet Another Trippy Sunset"
  12. "Not Leroy Neiman’s Best"
  13. "Painting That Is Part Of A Set #1"
  14. "Painting That Is Part Of A Set #2"
  15. "What The Fuck?!?  Somebody Paid Money For This?!?"
  16. "Sailboats, I Guess"
  17. "American Gothic, Except With Frogs"