Flight 93 Memorial: The Outrage Continues

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Captain Ed and Michelle Malkin have found other reasons to complain about the Flight 93 Memorial.  No doubt shamed by the laughter generating from the left and the right, the whole Islamic crescent controversy has been relegated to the back seat. 

Now the problem with the memorial is that it is all faggy and new-agey.  You know, windchimes ‘n shit:

Wind chimes? Hey, why not add pinwheels and smiley face stickers and Care Bears while we’re at it, too?

Phallus_1Both of them argue that the Flight 93 Memorial should be a "war memorial", because the brave passengers of Flight 93 fought back against the terrorists.  The implications of their brave act should never be forgotten: it means that Americans have big penises. 

So the "war memorial" should be, I guess, a huge phallus.  Not an obelisk like that pussified Washington Monument, but an actual phallus. 

A honkin’ huge titanium-alloy phallus that shoots bullets from its tip — every hour, on the hour. 

Complete with veins — veins that replicate the curved flight path of Flight 93, as our heroes struggled to protect America (now that’s symbolism- fuck ya!). 

And the word "Let’s" engraved on the left testicle, and "Roll!" on the right one.

Because we need to, you know, remind ourselves and the world that we shouldn’t be fucked with.  Or something like that.

Oh, and the families of the Flight 93 victims?  Yeah, they can have their say about what the memorial should look like, but that doesn’t mean we have to, you know, listen:

While the verdict of the families should have some weight in the approval process, the entire point of this memorial is the national implications of the event, which is why the government will run the memorial and is in charge of its construction and maintenance. A great many of us do not want the Islamic symbolism as a centerpiece for the Flight 93 memorial, but more importantly, we want a memorial that evokes the courageous and inspiring example that they provided with their last breath of life.

Flight 93 — it’s all about Charles and Michelle.