Dr. Dobson On Beating Teens

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Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson longs for the good old days:

When I was a kid, it was easier for parents to keep their children in line. They didn’t have to depend as much on closeness and communication.

Yeah.  Fuck "closeness and communication".  When I have kids, I’m never going to speak with them, or even allow them in my presence.

Parents could control and protect their kids, more or less, by the imposition of rules and the isolation of their circumstances.

Shoving them into closets and car trunks works wonders, I hear.

Farmer John could take his sassy son out to the back forty acres and get his mind straight.

Farm tools — good for working the land and working over your kid!

Just the threat of that happening was enough to keep most teens from going off the deep end.

Yup.  Keeps your kids in line so they can grow up and beat their wives and kids, too.